I like this HRM – I put on it each time I workout that is every single day. The computer monitor which goes around your chest is extremely comfortable, Irreverent never notice that it’s on. I began the C25K & was glad this watch had the times where I possibly could set the occasions when I am to alter from traveling to running. The guide that included it’s very useful. I personally use the center hole around the watch & I am a typical size ladies wrist therefore it most likely would fit anybody.

Great mixture of advanced features. The main purpose of the Timex Ironman Race Trainer would be to monitor heartbeat and signal the consumer when you should kick up a notch or relax. The system works as marketed, precisely monitoring heartbeat to help keep the individual inside a target zone. The Race Trainer offers one user-easy to customize zone plus five preset ones, a 50-lap chronograph feature that computes average heartbeat per lap and consists of five linked interval timers, an optimum heart-rate alert and three alarm configurations.

This Timex heart-rate monitor is certainly not otherwise flexible it enables the individual to see heartbeat in multiple formats and alter the display arrangement. Most customers say performance is precise and reliable.

The Iron man Race Trainer may also upload workout data to some training enthusiasts’ website, Training Peaks.com. This is where customers can observe and track overall workout progress, record intake of food, map routes and download additional workout routines. However, it takes purchasing the Ironman Race Trainer Package (*Est. $50) , with a USB Data X changer module that connects to a pc USB port. The module is PC and Mac compatible, but Mac customers will require OS 10.6 or greater. The center-rate monitor itself can help to save data from as much as 10 workout routines.

Well worth the extended setup time. Proprietors praise the numerous options that come with the Ironman Race Trainer, however, many find usability to become a challenge. The interface setup is not user-friendly, and lots of reviews say establishing the center-rate monitor is confusing and time-consuming. While there is a learning curve needed to totally master the system, many proprietors are convinced that the interface is simple to navigate.

The is available in full and mid-sized versions to match males and ladies. Comfort is great, most customers say one adds, “The heartbeat strap does not even seem like you’re putting on it!” However, the wristband is not user-exchangeable, and should be delivered back towards the manufacturer assuming it breaks. Reviews tell expect a wristband lifespan of approximately 2 yrs.

Couple of customer support gripes might be a good sign. Proprietors don’t mention any notable dissatisfaction with Timex customer support. We all do see some comments regarding alternative from the wristband, which requires an additional fee following the one-year warranty period. Alternative generally requires a couple of days, but that is not outdoors standard.